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Call Reference Title of PhD thesis project Thesis director(s) Keyword(s)
2022 2022-05-COPPEY Control of two antagonistic cellular phenotypes with a single molecule Mathieu Coppey Optogenetics; Cell migration; Polariy; RhoA; Modeling
  • 2022 2022-08-LAHAYE_MANEL Finding a viral needle in a nuclear haystack: molecular mechanism of HIV detection by NONO-cGAS in the nucleus Xavier Lahaye & Nicolas Mane HIV; Innate immunity; Virus detection; Nuclear sensors; cGAS-STING pathway
  • 2022 2022-09-LONDONO_FOUILLADE Studying the role of lung resident myeloid cells in the response to radiation Arturo Londoño-Vallejo & Charles Fouillade Lung fibrosis; Myeloid cells; Single cell analyses; Spatial transcriptomics; Cell-cell interaction
  • 2022 2022-11-MARGUERON_ANCELIN Investigating the role of Polycomb in epigenetic regulation and inheritance during mouse germline formation and embryogenesis: study of a new member of the PRC2 complex, EZHIP (Ezh2 Inhibitory Protein) using transgenic model Raphaël Margueron & Katia Ancelin Intergenerational epigenetic inheritance; Histone modifications; Polycomb; Mouse embryogenesis; Germline
  • 2022 2022-12-PIAGGIO_POIRIER Antitumour therapy targeting the RNA interference pathway Eliane Piaggio & Enzo Poirier Cancer; transposable elements; RNA interference; Antitumour immunity; Targeted therapy.
  • 2022 2022-14-THERY_MARTIN Role of intracellular pathways exploited by viruses in tumor cell secretion of extracellular vesicles and their immune functions Clotilde Théry & Lorena Martin-Jaular Extracellular vesicles; Tumor microenvironment; Immune responses; Virus; Immunotherapy
  • 2022 2022-01-ALMOUZNI_SIMEONOV Histone variant H3.3 and cellular programs during development and cancer Geneviève Almouzni & Iva Simeonova Development and cancer; Histone variants and marks; Animal models, Single cell, Omics.
  • 2022 2022-03-BOURCHIS Impact of transposable element activity on genome stability and organization during meiosis Deborah Bourc’his Transposable elements; Meiosis; Chromatin; DNA methylation; Genome stability; Nuclear organization
  • 2022 2022-07-ISAMBERT_HERSEN Causal inference for live cell imaging and single-cell multi-omics data Hervé Isambert & Pascal Hersen Machine and Deep learning; Causal inference; Information theory; Live cell imaging; Single cell multi-omics
  • 2022 2022-06-GUEVORKIAN_SORRE The role of mechano-chemical cues in vertebrate axial patterning and somite generation Karine Guevorkian and Benoit Sorre Morphogenesis; Physics; Microfluidics; Tissue stress; Tissue mechanics
  • 2022 2022-10-MAITRE Plasma membrane mechanics during the formation of the first mammalian epithelium Jean-Léon Maître Morphogenesis; Cell and tissue; Mechanics; Preimplantation development.
  • 2022 2022-02-BLANCH_BONNET Shaping of biological tissues by topological defects Carles Blanch-Mercader & Isabelle Bonnet Non-equilibrium phenomena; Active liquid crystals; Morphogenesis; Collective cell migration; Microfabrication
  • 2022 2022-08-BREDART_DOLBEAULT Evaluation by electronic questionnaires of quality of life and fear of cancer recurrence in the follow-up of patients treated for uveal melanoma, and their relationships with satisfaction with oncologist-patient communication Anne Brédart & Sylvie Dolbeault Uveal melanoma; Quality of life; Fear of cancer recurrence; Communication; Satisfaction with care
  • 2022 2022-13-SCHLEIERMACHER_CA Identification of Pediatric high-risk tumor master regulators: a pan-cancer study Gudrun Schleiermacher & Florence Cavalli Computational biology; Pediatric cancer; Genomics data; Tumor heterogeneity; Master regulators
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