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Call Reference Title of PhD thesis project Thesis director(s) Keyword(s)
2017 2016-01-PEREZ Synchronizing transport from the plasma membrane to the endoplasmic reticulum : new assays, new questions, new applications. Franck Perez Golgi complex, Intracellular transport, Life cell imaging, Retrograde transport , Trafficking
  • 2017 2016-02-DELEVOYE Characterization and Modulation of a New Pigment Reservoir Cédric Delevoye Imaging, Intracellular Trafficking, Melanocytes and Keratinocytes, Organelles, Skin pigmentation
  • 2017 2016-03-DUBOIS Regulation of the WNT Signaling Pathway by Protein Arginine Methyltransferases in Triple-Negative Breast Cancers: From Basic to Translational Research Thierry Dubois Breast cancer, Drug resistance , Protein arginine methyltransferases, Therapeutic target, WNT pathway
  • 2017 2016-04-DAHAN Probing the Multiscale Dynamics of Individual Chromosomes in the Nucleus of Mammalian Cells with Advanced Imaging Techniques Maxime Dahan Chromosome dynamics, Genome editing, Light-sheet excitation, Live cell, Multifocus microscopy
  • 2017 2016-05-VIGNJEVICDESCROIX Migration of Epithelial Cells in Gut Homeostasis Role of Microenvironment Danijela Vignjevic &Stéphanie Descroix Cell migration, Extracellular matrix, Fibroblasts, Gut, Microfabrication
  • 2017 2016-06-MARTIN Size Control of the Hair-Cell Bundle for Frequency-Selective Auditory Detection Director: Pascal Martin

    Co-director: Christine Petit (Institut Pasteur)
    Actin, Biophysics, Hair cell, Hearing, Mechanosensitivity
  • 2017 2016-07-MARGUERON Functional and Therapeutical Implications of BAP1 Inactivation in Cancers Raphaël Margueron Cancer, Chromatin, Polycomb, Transcription, Ubiquitination
  • 2017 2016-08-COULON Spatio-temporal coordination between co-regulated genes observed by single-molecule imaging of transcription in 4D Antoine Coulon Computational modeling, Genome organization, Nuclear dynamics, Single-molecule microscopy, Transcriptional regulation
  • 2017 2016-09-STERN From Genetic Predisposing Factors to Oncogenesis in Uveal Melanoma Marc-Henri Stern Gene regulation, Genetics, Oncogenesis, Post-GWAS, Uveal melanoma
  • 2017 2016-10-PLASTINO Asymmetric Cell Division and the Acto-Myosin Cytoskeleton Julie Plastino Actin cytoskeleton, Acto-myosin cortex, Cortical flows, Nematodes, Rheology of embryo cytoplasm, Symmetry breaking in development
  • 2017 2016-11-ALSAFADI Involvement of Splice Factor Mutations in Oncogenesis Samar Alsafadi & Sergio Roman-Roman SF3B1, Splicing mutations, Therapeutic inhibitors , Uveal melanoma
  • 2017 2016-12-LONDONO-VALLEJO Study of Lung Regeneration after Radiotherapy José-Arturo Londono-Vallejo Senescence, Single-cell RNA-seq, Stem cells, Telomere, Tissue regeneration
  • 2017 2016-13-CHEN Spatio-Temporal Replication Program of the Human Genome and its Impact on Genome Stability in Normal and Cancer Cells Chunlong Chen Bioinformatics, DNA Replication, Genome stability, Genomics and Epigenomics, Human
  • 2017 2016-14-MAITRE Molecular Regulation of Periodic Cortical Waves of Contraction Jean-Léon Maître Adhesion, Cytoskeleton, Mammalian development, Morphogenesis, Tissue mechanics
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