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Call Reference Title of PhD thesis project Thesis director(s) Keyword(s)
2018 2017-05-ISAMBERT-REYAL Cause-effect analyses of breast cancer clinical records from Institut Curie Hervé Isambert & Fabien Reyal Breast cancer, Causal interference analysis, Clinical records, Data analysis, Heterogeneous data types
  • 2018 2017-06-MARTHIENS-BASTO Deciphering how centrosome dysfunctions lead to microcephaly Veronique Marthiens Centrosomes, Chromosome number alterations, Microcephaly, Mitotic spindle morphogenesis/positioning, Neural stem cells
  • 2018 2017-03-FRE Defining cell fate specification of mouse mammary stem cells in 4D Silvia Fre Intravital imaging, Lineage tracing, Mammary stem cells, Mouse genetics, Time-lapse analysis
  • 2018 2017-04-GRANZHAN-BOMBARD Development of indirect inhibitors of O6-methyguanine-DNA-methyltransferase (MGMT) for combination chemotherapy of temozolomide-resistant gliomas Anton Granzhan & Sophie Bombard Bioorganic chemistry, DNA damage, DNA ligands, Glioblastoma, MGMT
  • 2018 2017-10-SEGURA Identifying novel molecular regulators of human monocyte differentiation Elodie Segura Bioinformatics, Human transcriptional network, Monocyte, Single-cell RNA-seq
  • 2018 2017-02-DOSTATNI Imaging transcription in living embryos to decipher the robustness of patterning Nathalie Dostatni Chromatin dynamics, Live-imaging, Morphogen gradients, Transcriptional robustness
  • 2018 2017-11-SHKUMATAVA lncRNA-directed neural stem cell regulation in the developing and aging brain Alena Shkumatava Long noncoding RNAs, Neural stem cells, Regeneration, Zebrafish
  • 2018 2017-12-VALLOT Modeling the dynamics and heterogeneity of epigenetic and transcriptomic states during treatment and acquisition of resistance in breast cancer Céline Vallot Bioinformatics, Breast cancer, Epigenomics, Single-cell, Transcriptomics
  • 2018 2017-08-SEANO-DUTREIX Multi-scale imaging and study of the perivascular niche in glioblastoma Giorgio Seano Glioblastoma, Glioma stem cells, Intravital microscopy, Perivascular niche, Tumor microenvironment
  • 2018 2017-01-CECCALDI Replication fork stability and resistance to PARP inhibitors in homologous recombination (HR)-deficient tumors Raphael Ceccaldi Homologous recombination (HR)- deficient tumors CRISPR screen, Mass spectrometry, Replication fork stability, Resistance to PARP inhibitors
  • 2018 2017-09-SCHAUER Role of altered lysosome positioning in bladder cancer progression Kristine Schauer Cancer, Lysosomes, Micropatterning, Secretion, Trafficking
  • 2018 2017-07-PEREZ Synchronizing Transport from the Plasma Membrane to the Endoplasmic Reticulum: New Assays, New Questions, New Applications Franck Perez Golgi complex, Intracellular transport, Life cell imaging, Retrograde transport , Trafficking
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