"Plasma membrane mechanics during the formation of the first mammalian epithelium (2022-10-MAITRE)" project details

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General information

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Morphogenesis; Cell and tissue; Mechanics; Preimplantation development.

Plasma membrane mechanics during the formation of the first mammalian epithelium

Director(s) and team

Jean-Léon Maître

Mechanics of mammalian development


During pre-implantation development, the mammalian embryo forms the blastocyst. The architecture of the blastocyst is essential to the specification of the first mammalian lineages and to the implantation of the embryo. Consisting of an epithelium enveloping a fluid-filled lumen and the inner cell mass, the blastocyst is sculpted by a succession of morphogenetic events. These deformations result from the changes in the forces and mechanical properties of the tissue composing the embryo. Combining microscopy, image analysis, biophysical tools and genetics, we study the mechanical and cellular changes leading to the formation of the blastocyst. This PhD project will focus on the contribution of the plasma membrane to shaping the first mammalian epithelium.

Requirements to apply for the PhD thesis project

Applicants should have a strong desire to explore cell biological phenomena in an in vivo context, and should show solid capacity for independent and creative thinking. Background in cell biology, developmental biology and/or biophysics is strongly recommended. The project highly relies on microscopy and live imaging techniques, for which the applicant should have either experience or a strong motivation to learn.